Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of our era. According to data from the World Health Organisation it is responsible for 49% of deaths in Europe and 35% of deaths before the age of 65. A preventive health check is not just about undergoing some tests. It is an ongoing process that includes both the relevant investigations and changes to your lifestyle that will decrease your risk of developing disease in the future. Our comprehensive health check-up aims to detect both conditions that may predispose to cardiovascular disease as well as diagnose patients after developing disease and offer all the relevant advice.

Our program includes a full medical, family and social history, a clinical examination, followed by an electrocardiogram (ECG), an echocardiogram, an exercise tolerance test and blood tests. Additional tests may be performed as indicated and they may include carotid artery triplex, stress echocardiography, abdominal ultrasound, chest X-ray and spirometry.

After the completion of your tests our doctors will go over the results with you, offering advice on lifestyle changes in order to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. Any problems that may be identified during the check-up will also be addressed and appropriate advice given or necessary medication prescribed. Subsequent follow-up is also available if necessary.

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